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CHINT Group: A Global Powerhouse in Smart Energy Solutions

CHINT, a prominent global provider of smart energy solutions, has established itself as a trailblazer since its inception in 1984. With a strategic focus on industry and brand building, CHINT has gained worldwide recognition for its commitment to innovation and excellence. In this article, we will explore the remarkable growth of CHINT Group, highlighting its extensive global presence and impressive financial achievements. Let’s delve into the new details that showcase CHINT Group’s unparalleled success.

CHINT Group: A Global Powerhouse in Smart Energy Solutions

Expanding Research and Development

With four global R&D centers, CHINT is at the forefront of technological innovation in the smart energy sector. These centers serve as hubs for developing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving energy needs of businesses worldwide. By investing in research and development, CHINT continuously introduces groundbreaking products and systems that drive energy efficiency and sustainability.

Global Footprint and Manufacturing Excellence

CHINT’s global presence is evident through its six international marketing regions and manufacturing bases spread across 16 countries and regions. This extensive network allows CHINT to cater to the diverse energy requirements of businesses on a global scale. By strategically locating its manufacturing bases, CHINT ensures optimal efficiency and timely delivery of its high-quality products.


CHINT has emerged as a global leader in smart energy solutions, leveraging its expansive research and development capabilities and a widespread manufacturing footprint. With four global R&D centers and six international marketing regions, CHINT is well-equipped to meet the evolving energy needs of businesses worldwide. Its remarkable financial achievements, including the $18 billion operating revenue in 2022, further solidify CHINT’s position as an industry frontrunner.

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