Detailed Instructions on How to Play Tien Len Mien Nam  New88 Easily

Tien Len Nam  New88SG always has a special attraction with high registration numbers. Besides, this legendary card game also has attractive and dramatic gameplay. To successfully conquer the game, please follow the article content New88 PUB down here.

Overview of southern advancement  New88

The online Tien Len card game is essentially a form of playing through an online casino. Bookmaker  New88 will create a website and develop a system of popular card games on the homepage. Among them, Tien Len Nam  New88 is always an attractive super product that is very difficult to resist. Therefore, with this special form of play, you will not waste time traveling to live casinos, but now you only need an electronic device to conquer it easily.

Coming to Tien Len Nam  New88, you not only immerse yourself in the dramatic betting space but can also win real money for entertainment. Besides, players can also choose different betting tables with attractive payout rates and can take advantage of the opportunity to get rich from this type of casino.

Rules of Southern Tien Len  New88 and some card matching conventions

To successfully conquer casino masterpieces, you must clearly understand the game’s rules and its general conventions. Detail:

Rules for the deck of cards to remember

For those who don’t know, this classic card game also uses a deck of 52 cards. In Southern Tien Len  New88, the value of the cards will be in the order of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2. Besides, you You also have to divide the size of the deck of cards in the order of Spades < Clubs < Diamonds < Hearts.

That is, in this set of cards, card 2 will be the largest and card 3 of spades will be the smallest card. In addition, according to the rules of the Southern Tien Len game, the size of four quarters, two pairs or two is also regulated as above convention.

Conventions on how to combine cards according to the rules of the game

This legendary Tien Len card game also has special card matching rules that you should remember as follows:

  • Four of a kind: This term is understood as a deck of 4 cards of the same value and put together. Such as four-of-a-kind 8, four-of-10, four-of-a-kind Ace, etc. In short, moving forward online will include 13 sets of four of a kind.
  • Gray Lady: This special deck includes 3 cards of equal value. For example, the gray set 9, 10, J.
  • Duo: According to the rules of Southern Tien Len New88, a duo is defined as 2 cards of the same value and are paired together. For example, pair 3, pair 4, pair 5,…
  • Straight: This is a set of strings greater than 3 consecutive cards and does not care about the suit. Therefore, the longer the hall you own, the more advantage you will have.

The rules of  New88 Southern Tien Len are simple

Once you understand all the conventions of the card game, you can conquer it with simple rules as follows:
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  • An online Tien Tien betting table will have 2 or more players. At that time, New88 will deal 13 cards to each player and whoever plays all the cards first will win. The order of playing cards in the first game will give priority to the person who owns the 3 spades first, and from the following games, whoever wins will have the right to go first and play clockwise in turn.
  • During the game, gamers will play cards or decks of higher value to block the previous person. If you cannot block, you must press skip and give the opportunity to the next person.

Detailed Instructions on How to Play Tien Len Mien Nam  New88 Easily

Some special situations in card games that players need to pay attention to

How to play Tien Len in the South or there are some special cases that bettors should know to win faster, which are:

The law moved south to white

It can be said that coming to white is one of the special cases that helps gamers win immediately without having to play cards. Some common whites are:

  • The first bet has four of a kind/ 3 pairs of pines without 3 of spades.
  • The deck appears with four pairs of cards, 5 pairs of cards, and 6 pairs of cards.
  • Rules for going south to white when a deck of 13 cards has up to 12 cards of the same suit.

Strict law

Tight rules are also a special case of card games that many bettors ask questions about such as:

  • Can a four-of-a-kind be able to cut 4 pairs of pine trees?: The answer is no because according to the law of Tien Len online, a four-of-a-kind can only cut 3 pairs of pine trees/ smaller four-of-a-kinds/ 1 or 2 pigs.
  • Can four of a kind cut a pair of pigs?: As mentioned above, the player who owns a set of four of a kind will be able to cut two.
  • What can 3 pairs of pines close?: According to the tight rule, 3 pairs of pines will block 3 smaller pairs of pines or a 2.
  • What can 4 pairs of pine trees cut?: Law New88 for cutting Tien Len in the South stipulates that 4 pairs of pine trees can cut a quarter of a quarter/ 1 – 2 pigs/ 3 pairs of pine trees and 4 pairs of smaller pine trees.
  • Will 5 pairs of cards be white?: As mentioned above, the player who owns 5 pairs of cards will win the hand immediately.
  • Rotten: This is the situation where at the end of the bet, the gamer still has one of the cards/deck of cards such as 2, four of a kind, pair of pines. In this case, you will be fined on the initially selected bet amount.

3 of spades rule

The rule of putting 3 spades in Tien Len card is applied when the player still has this card in hand and is divided into 2 cases as follows:

  • When a player successfully ends the game with a 3 of spades card, it will be considered a win. In case you finish second/third, the bonus is calculated as 3 times the capital plus the 2nd winning amount.

Going to the south, can I play the last 2?

The rules of the game forward stipulate that if the player ends the game and still has 2 left, he will be considered a loser. Therefore, to win, you need to take the appropriate steps and avoid leaving 2 at the end.

In case you intend to end the bet with 3 spades but are blocked, you will be punished. That is, you will have to pay 3 times the bet plus the 2nd bet and the line.

Instructions for conquering the southern card game  New88

To participate in online rewards entertainment, players need to have a valid account by following these simple steps:

Visit  New88 to create a personal account

Please find the correct  New88 link source to access the betting page. Here, the silver hand seal chooses to register to create a member account. Then, you need to provide the exact information required by the dealer such as username, phone number, email, etc. and wait a few seconds for the system to authenticate.

Choose to move to the south  New88

After being granted a user account, please return to the website and log in again. Next, click on the card game category and select the Southern Tien Len game icon  New88 and select the betting table as needed.

Place bets and play cards

Once you have successfully invested, the system will give each player 13 cards. In each online Tien Len round, you will have about 15 seconds to decide whether to play or not. If it exceeds 15 seconds, the player will default to giving up.


Above is useful information aboutCard game move to the south  New88. Hopefully with the above sharing, you will clearly understand the rules of the game and use them successfully in the next bets. Download free Southern Tien Tien to your device and successfully conquer it to receive generous rewards.

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