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Jooever Foods: Leading Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Supplier

Jooever Foods, a prominent brand in the food industry, has been proudly serving customers since 2011. As a top frozen fruits supplier and frozen veg suppliers, Jooever Foods offers a diverse range of high-quality products. Their dedication to quality, service, and affordability makes them a preferred choice in the market for frozen fruits and vegetables.

Jooever Foods: Leading Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Supplier

High-Quality Frozen Products

Jooever Foods takes pride in offering a wide variety of frozen fruits and vegetables. As a leading frozen fruits supplier, they ensure that each product meets stringent quality standards. Their frozen strawberries, for instance, are renowned for their fresh taste and vibrant appearance. These berries are perfect for various culinary applications, from smoothies to desserts.

Customized Solutions and Superior Service

Jooever Foods understands the diverse needs of its clients and offers customizable specifications and packaging solutions. This flexibility allows them to cater to different industry requirements effectively. They provide free consultations to help clients choose the best products and packaging options for their specific needs.

Affordable Quality for Global Markets

Jooever Foods offers high-quality frozen fruits and vegetables at affordable prices, making them a competitive player in the market. This year, their primary focus is on expanding their reach to key markets including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.


Jooever Foods stands out as a reliable frozen fruits supplier and frozen veg suppliers with a strong emphasis on quality, customization, and customer satisfaction. Their range of products, including frozen strawberries, edamame, and spinach, meets the highest standards of freshness and taste. With a strategic focus on global markets, Jooever Foods continues to be a trusted name in the frozen food industry, committed to delivering superior products at affordable prices.

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