Learn Details How to Play Blackjack at New88 Bookmaker

Blackjack is a familiar game to most members participating in betting today. This game is not difficult for first-time players because the rules are simple. Find out with New88 How to play Blackjack Details through the following article.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game where points are compared between participants and the bookmaker. This game also has another name, the 21-point game because the side whose score is closest to 21 wins. Participants must have strategies so that their score does not exceed 21.

This is considered a card game based on counting the number of points of cards in hand. How to play blackjack It’s not too difficult so new players can easily participate in betting. You just need to defeat the Dealer with a score closest to 21.

Blackjack attracts participants with extremely simple gameplay

How to play blackjack that bettors need to understand

To be able to participate in betting games at New88, you must know How to play Blackjack. Below are detailed information related to this card game that you need to know:

Scoring rules

This game simply calculates the points of the cards you own in your hand. The cards will have detailed points exchange regulations in the How to play Blackjack as follows:

  • Cards from 2 – 10: the number of points will correspond to the number displayed on each card regardless of suit.
  • The J, Q, and K pieces will be counted together as 10 points.
  • The Ace card will have many calculation methods as follows: it will be counted as 1 point if the total score is greater than 11, it will be counted as 11 points if the total score is less than 11.

Rules for drawing cards

When you start the game, you will be dealt 2 cards to continue your match. During the competition, players have the right to draw more to get a higher score, as long as they do not exceed 21 points. For players, you can withdraw more as you like, when you feel you have enough points.

However, in How to play Blackjack The dealer can only draw more if the total score is less than or equal to 16. If the total of the cards is more than 17 points, he cannot draw any more cards.

Determining winners and losers

After the card drawing process ends, both sides face up their cards for the system to calculate points. The winning player will have to meet the following requirements:

  • The player has a higher score than the dealer’s score but does not exceed 21 points.
  • If the dealer draws more than 21 points, you will immediately win and receive a reward.
  • The first 2 cards get 21 points and you will immediately be declared the winner.

Learn Details How to Play Blackjack at New88 Bookmaker

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The participants’ options in the game

After learning aboutHow to play BlackjackThen you need to know your options in the game. These options cater to your need to increase or stop your bets. The options that the player can use are as follows:
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  • Draw again: you just need to press this button when you want to draw more cards.
  • Stop drawing: if everyone sees that their cards are high enough, they can stop drawing cards.
  • Double bet: when members see that their cards have the potential to win big, they will choose to double the bet amount.
  • Insurance bet: if the dealer’s face card is A, you can reduce your risk of losing everything by betting half the original amount. If the dealer owns 21 real points, you will receive this winning amount.
  • Split: if you own 2 aces or 2 8 cards, this option will appear. You can use it to separate the cards to create 2 different decks.
  • Fold: bettors will use this command if they see that their hand is too bad and it is difficult to win.

Tips for playing blackjack with easy rewards

Above is what you can clearly understand How to play Blackjack in the most complete way. However, to be able to win bets, you need to learn a few more tips as follows:

  • Calculate carefully before drawing any more cards to avoid exceeding 21 points. Players should consider carefully before deciding whether to draw more cards or not.
  • When you own a pair of Aces or a pair of 8s, you need to split the cards to have a chance to win big.
  • When you have cards from Ace – 6, you should bet twice and take more cards.
  • If your score is 11 points and the dealer has cards from 2 to 10, you should double your bet.
  • You should only take more cards when you have 12 – 16 points and the dealer has a face card of 7 – Ace.

Learn Details How to Play Blackjack at New88 Bookmaker

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So that’s the information involved How to play Black jack are provided for you. Hopefully through this, everyone can easily conquer this attractive game. Quickly visit New88 for a chance to receive super quality rewards every day.

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