OKVIP What is Live Online Cockfighting? Playing Strategy

Live online cockfighting is a new way of playing and is popular with many bettors. If you are still learning and do not clearly understand how to play this game, then you have come to the right place. Right here OKVIP casino We will introduce to you how to play online cockfighting and extremely attractive top strategies.

Brief introduction to online cockfighting

Online cockfighting is also known by the familiar name online cockfighting. This is a new form of cockfighting betting that has appeared on the market in recent years. Currently, it is very developed and attracts great attention from the gaming community across the country. Reputable bookmakers always provide many professional cockfighting matches from major cockfighters in the world. Among them, famous are Thomo cockfighting, Cambodian or Philippine cockfighting.

Live online cockfighting brings bettors many benefits such as:

  • Convenience in betting
  • Cockfighting matches are diverse and attractive, with many quality and classy chicken breeds.
  • Betting odds also have many incentives for you
  • In addition, reputable live cockfighting bets also receive extremely interesting promotions.

The best experience playing cockfighting online live

It can be said that defeating live cockfighting bookmakers online is the wish of many bettors. All cockfighters want to be able to win big in top bets. Immediately learn from the experiences of the experts shared below and apply them to yourself.

Live cockfighting online via links from reputable bookmakers

The first thing before talking about how to bet is that you must choose a reputable bookmaker. Currently, there are countless different betting sites on the market, so it is very difficult to distinguish between real and fake. Therefore, you should carefully learn the information about the house before placing bets to ensure the safest of your capital.

The top criteria to evaluate a quality bookmaker you can refer to:

  • Bookmakers Cockfighting online live A reputable company will have a legal operating license issued by a competent authority. Some betting game portals are often sponsored and operated by famous entertainment organizations in the world.
  • Reputable cockfighting bookmakers will link directly with major cockfighting arenas such as: Thomo cockfighting, Cambodian cockfighting or Philippine cockfighting.
  • The homepage always has full information and specific contact addresses such as hotline, zalo, email,…
  • In particular, this bookmaker received a lot of good feedback from the betting community on their official website.
  • Participate in betting at the bookmaker Cockfighting online live reputation will have fast speed, not be blocked causing a lot of trouble for gamers.

Understand the game rules and betting options in online cockfighting

Our ancestors had a saying: “If you know others and know yourself, you will win a hundred battles.” Thus, if bettors master the rules of the game as well as the betting options in high-class cockfighting, they will be able to easily participate in reputable betting. 3 ways to bet on cockfighting that appear commonly at reputable online bookmakers are usually:

  • Meron door: this is a betting door for the house’s cocks, the winning rate is quite high at 1: 0.95
  • Wala door: This is a play door for childrenbet defense think that the player’s cock will win. The odds of winning with this door are 1:1.
  • BDD door: This door is a draw with a payout ratio of 1:6

Among the 3 bets above, you need to choose the suitable one with the highest chance of winning to bet. Understanding these 3 doors will prevent the situation of wanting to place this door but mistakenly placing it on another door.

Choose the right betting time

Once you have a clear understanding of the rules of cockfighting at reputable bookmakers. So determining for yourself the right time to bet is extremely important. You cannot always make a hasty decision to bet, as this will only cause you to suffer heavy losses.
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Bettors should wait for the time before the cockfight takes place. When the strong cocks entered the arena to warm up, we were able to place bets. At this time, you were able to watch 2 roosters participating in the competition. From there, identify and make the following assessments after seeing with your own eyes the appearance as well as the initial moves and starting positions of the fighting cock.

OKVIP What is Live Online Cockfighting? Playing Strategy


Thus, fellow bettors have just discovered some experiences Cockfighting online live Extremely efficient and accurate. Don’t forget to follow us to update more useful and interesting information. Wishing you all good luck and success!

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