Pocket 5+ great ways to play fish shooting and get rewards from experts

Play fish shooting and get prizes It is sought after by many players for both entertainment and huge rewards. Fish shooting for rewards is an attractive online fish shooting genre with a variety of quality games. Why should you participate in fish shooting to get prizes? How to participate in the fish shooting game to exchange prizes? Learn details about playing the fish shooting game to redeem rewards right in the article here New88 Casino The following.

Reasons to choose to play fish shooting for prizes

Fish shooting for prizes is one of the most sought after fish shooting genres on the market. Why should you play fish shooting to get prizes? The reasons you should participate in fish shooting for prizes are as follows:

The rules and how to play fish shooting for rewards are simple

The rules and how to play the fish shooting game are simple. All players can choose to play, very suitable for all ages and all subjects.

When participating in the fish shooting game for rewards, players only need to be skillful. And understand the rules of the game to bring you many bonus coins. The rules of this game are not difficult, players will understand the rules very quickly.

At that time, players only need a few minutes to get familiar with the game. Just control the weapon to hit all kinds of fish and sea creatures. When you hit the target you will receive a corresponding reward.

The graphics of fish shooting and rewards are realistic

The graphics of the fish shooting game for prizes are invested very carefully. The game is always upgraded visually and updated regularly. To bring many interesting experiences to players.

The graphics of this fish shooting game are designed extremely vividly. The 3D animations are very clear, providing a realistic experience. All movements of creatures and water are very smooth. In addition, combined with the sound system creates excitement for players.

Increase your income while having fun

Shooting fish for prizes is no longer an ordinary entertainment game. It also helps people earn some extra money to their account. In addition to earning bonus coins, players can also participate in other activities.

Activities can be events, fanpage activities, daily tasks. Or players can log in to receive coins. And when players accumulate enough coins, they can exchange them for real money. In addition, it can be exchanged for scratch cards or other valuable items.

The prize fish shooting game is compatible on many devices

The prize fish shooting game is very suitable for playing on many devices. Players can participate in the daily fish shooting game on computers, laptops, iPads, phones, etc. Just need the device you choose to play fish shooting with a stable network connection.

In addition, bookmakers have integrated betting apps corresponding to the operating system. Currently, the fish shooting game is compatible with IOS or Android operating systems. Therefore, players will easily install the app and enjoy playing fish shooting on their phones.

Effective strategies for playing fish shooting for rewards

When playing fish shooting games for prizes, strategy is an important thing. These tactics help you take down targets more accurately and more frequently. Effective strategies for playing fish shooting and exchanging prizes applied by many experts are as follows:

Tactics for shooting fish in schools

With this strategy, players should observe the fish swimming on the screen. Then continuously fire bullets at that school of fish. Avoid hitting the leader fish, wasting bullets. Because the leader fish is the strongest fish, and is responsible for protecting the other fish.

By using this strategy, players will have a chance to take down more fish. Bring back more reward coins for yourself to exchange for other items.

Tactics for shooting single swimming fish

With this strategy, players can use guns with small bullets to shoot. And chooseChoose medium or small fish to take down. Just focus on shooting at the single fish you observe. When applying the strategy of shooting single swimming fish, the winning rate is very high.

Ball tooth shooting strategy

Shooting marbles is a way of playing that many fishermen use. By shooting bullets into the corner of the screen so that the bullets bounce back into the fish. And have to shoot more bullets directly at the fish.

At this time, the fish will be hit by two bullets at the same time. Therefore, the number of fish killed at the same time is very high. With the strategy of shooting pinballs, players spend a lot of bullets compared to other forms. But when using this form, it brings very high efficiency to players.

Tactics for shooting fish and playing with whiskers

To save bullets and increase your chances of winning, the fish shooting strategy is a reasonable choice. The player must continuously rotate the gun barrel and shoot each bullet evenly in all directions. The chances of a fish being hit by a bullet being killed are very high. From there, the player will tSave a lot of bullets to shoot other fish.

The strategy of shooting bullets gradually increases

The fish shooting strategy of gradually increasing bullets is applied by many experts and has defeated many targets. With this fish shooting strategy, players must observe the target carefully.

Shoot at the school of fish running across the screen, small fish go first and big fish go behind. At this time, players will use guns with small bullets first. Then gradually increase the power of the bullet. Helps you kill more fish at the same time. And saves the amount of bullets fired extremely effectively.

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Instructions on how to play fish shooting for prizes properly

Pocket 5+ great ways to play fish shooting and get rewards from experts

Playing fish shooting for prizes is simple, but many players do not understand how to play at the house. How to properly participate in fish shooting for prizes at a reputable bookmaker includes steps.

Step 1: Register an account to play fish shooting and redeem rewards

  • Visit the main website of the reputable fish shooting betting house. Choose a reputable fish shooting house to get the best experience.
  • Click on “Register” at the house interface. Fill in all personal information that the dealer requires to create an account.
  • Check the filled out information again, click “Register” to complete the operation.

Step 2: Log in and deposit money into your account at the house

  • Click “Log in”, enter your username and password. To log in to your account.
  • At the house interface, after successfully logging in, select the “Deposit” section.
  • Choose the deposit transaction method that the house supports players. You can choose to deposit money via bank, Momo e-wallet, phone scratch card…
  • Fill in some additional information requested by the dealer. Then enter the amount to deposit into the account and transaction content.
  • Finally, click confirm to successfully deposit money into your account.

Step 3: Choose a fish shooting game to redeem prizes at the house

At the house’s interface, players click on the “Fish Shooting” section. Next, choose to enter the fish shooting lobby to exchange appropriate prizes. Then a list of famous fish shooting games will be displayed. Click on your favorite prize-winning fish shooting game.

Step 4: Join the fish shooting game and receive rewards to your account

After choosing your favorite fish shooting game, continue to choose different levels of play. This will correspond to the minimum and maximum number of coins in one shot.

When starting to play, gamers choose the type of gun and bullet type. Next, observe the fish and swimming creatures. Control the gun to aim and kill the fish. Small fish will be easy to take down and use little bullets. Larger fish are more difficult to defeat, consume more bullets but receive high rewards.

If you defeat fish or creatures, the bonus will be added to your account. Then you can use it to buy more bullets to continue playing. Or you can also withdraw to your personal bank account. In addition, rewards can be exchanged for scratch cards.

Tips for playing fish shooting and getting great rewards from experts

Besides tactics, when playing fish shooting for prizes, you need to learn more useful playing experience. Some experiences in participating in fish shooting for rewards from experts include:

Choose the playing level that suits you

Choosing the appropriate level of fish shooting will depend on the player’s finances. Because at each different level, players will have to pay for each bullet fired. At the same time, the level of fish shooting is also suitable for your ability.

When you are a new player and do not have much experience. Or if your finances are limited, choose a low level to play. This will help you limit the risk of losing and losing capital when playing fish shooting.

Learn carefully the rules of fish shooting for prizes

For any online game, players must clearly understand the rules of the game. Learning this will not take too much of the player’s time. But it will increase your chances of winning and win many attractive fish shooting rewards. Therefore, before participating in fish shooting, you need to carefully learn the rules of that game.

You should only shoot fish that appear in the game

Shooting new fish that appear on the screen is used by many experts. This is one of the experiences shared by veteran fish shooting experts to players. Then these fish are likely to be defeated quickly. So look at the corner of the screen, when you see a new school of fish appear, shoot continuously.

Observe and choose the right target to take down

When playing the fish shooting game for prizes, choose a suitable target. Depending on the strength of the bullet, choose a suitable large or small fish.

With small bullets, you should only aim and shoot at small fish. As for big bullets, choose medium or large fish. Be flexible in using bullets to avoid waste.

Always observe the fish’s speed

Observing the fish’s swimming speed is also quite important. It will assist you a lot in the process of shooting fish. Usually small fish will move very slowly. Big fish will move very quickly.

Fish that move slowly are easy for players to hit. Fast-moving fish are difficult to hit. The miss rate is very high, causing you to lose a lot of time. Therefore, observe the speed of the target to conveniently aim accurately.

Reputable address for playing fish shooting and exchanging prizes in 2023

When talking about reputable bookmakers that play fish shooting and exchange prizes, one cannot ignore the name of the house New88 casino. This is one of the bookmakers that has been operating for a long time in the field of online betting. The bookmaker has been operating for more than 12 years in the betting market. Highlights of the fish shooting game with rewards at New88 Attracts a large number of players:

  • New88 Licensed to operate legally by the Philippine entertainment and gaming agency PAGCOR.
  • Betting or trading activities are closely monitored by the Philippine government.
  • Using the world’s leading modern information security system. 128 Bit SSL technology, 1024 RSA key exchange. Helps prevent information from being stolen or disclosed to any third party.
  • The dealer pays the prize quickly right after the player defeats the fish. And provides many forms of rewards specifically for fish shooting games.
  • The quality of the fish shooting game is excellent. The graphics are carefully invested, the sound and images are very realistic.
  • Also provides people with a variety of fish shooting games from famous publishers. Like Dragon Fishing, Fishing 2, Gold Shark Silver Shark, Gold Shark Hunter,…


Above is useful information aboutPlay fish shooting and get prizes super hot right now. Hopefully, through this article, players will understand the strategies and how to play the fish shooting game for rewards. In addition, you can learn more experience to defeat many fish. Quick access New88 to freely participate in attractive prize-winning fish shooting games.

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