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Simplify Your Power Schedule with BN-LINK’s User-Friendly Outlet Timer

BN-LINK’s User-Friendly Outlet Timer is designed to simplify your power schedule. With two user-friendly modes and easy-to-use controls, this timer ensures convenience and efficiency in managing your power needs. Whether you prefer manual control or want to stick to a preset schedule, this heavy duty digital timer offers versatility and ease of use.

Simplify Your Power Schedule with BN-LINK's User-Friendly Outlet Timer

Two User-Friendly Modes

BN-LINK’s User-Friendly Outlet Timer offers two intuitive modes for power control. In Manual Mode, you have full control to keep the timer continuously on or off without a schedule. Simply press the MANUAL button once to toggle between on and off. On the other hand, Auto Mode simplifies your routine by allowing the timer to dutifully follow your preset schedule. To activate AUTO mode, press and hold the MANUAL button until it displays AUTO. In AUTO mode, a single MANUAL press toggles between on and off, aligning with the next ON/OFF program. Switching between modes is a breeze, just press and hold the “Manual” button for approximately 4 seconds.

Customize Your Schedule

With BN-LINK’s User-Friendly Outlet Timer, you have the freedom to customize your power schedule. Set up to 8 on/off programs for the timer’s two grounded outlets, providing flexibility to align with your daily routines. Whether it’s for lights, appliances, or other devices, this timer allows you to tailor your power usage to suit your specific needs.

Streamline Your Power Control

Say goodbye to complex power schedules and hello to simplicity. BN-LINK’s User-Friendly Outlet Timer streamlines your power control, making it easy to manage your devices. Take control of your power usage, save energy, and eliminate the hassle of manually turning devices on and off. Enjoy the convenience of automated power control with this user-friendly timer.


BN-LINK’s User-Friendly Outlet Timer simplifies your power schedule with its two intuitive modes and easy-to-use controls. Whether you prefer manual control or want to follow a preset schedule, this timer offers versatility and convenience. Customize your power schedule with up to 8 on/off programs and streamline your power control for lights, appliances, and other devices. Trust BN-LINK to deliver a high-quality outlet timer that enhances your daily routines and simplifies your power management.

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