Tips for beginners on using single bets

Expert advice to make single bets more successful

Everyone who is just starting out in sports betting faces a series of questions, primarily about what to do and how to do it. Experts advise against trying complex options and recommend working with the simplest type of bet – singles, where the bet is placed on the outcome of one event. There are several pieces of advice, like everything in the world of betting, they do not guarantee winnings but help make single bets more successful in the long run.

Opt for relatively high odds. Some players prefer to minimize risk and place bets on events with very low odds—below 1.5 or even 1.2. However, research shows that even in such bets, ignoring proper preparation results in losing approximately 20-25 percent of such bets. This naturally leads to gradually losing the entire bankroll. Moreover, the mistake is compounded by the fact that significant amounts are wagered on these “sure” outcomes, hoping to profit from them. For example, betting 100 rubles on Bayern Munich’s victory at odds of 1.2 may not be interesting, but betting 10,000 rubles could yield a substantial profit. However, the top club unexpectedly concedes a late goal and draws the match.

Only bet on markets that are clear and accessible to you. Not only on the sport you are deeply interested in but also on the type of bet you understand. Sometimes bookmakers specify specific, special conditions for certain types of totals, handicaps regarding when they “win,” and when a player will be considered defeated. So, it’s not enough to study the theory—you also need to find time to read the rules of the particular bookmaker regarding the type of singles you intend to use. Especially what is written in the infamous “fine print”…

Divide your available funds wisely. It is considered that a single bet should not exceed 6-7 percent of the total bankroll, i.e., the volume of funds available to the player. It’s even better to start with 2-3%. Only occasionally, after weighing everything and finding a valuable option, can you risk betting 10-20 percent at a time. However, going all-in, risking everything you have, is exciting and glamorous in movies but very dangerous in real life.

Learn about betting strategies. Beginners lose a lot by betting chaotically, which ultimately leads to bankruptcy. Only having a system that is understood and tested by the player allows them to achieve success in the long run, developing their successes and compensating for failures and setbacks.

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