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Unleashing Brilliance: Exploring Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE PRO LED Moving Head Spot

As the world embraces the cutting-edge advancements in lighting technology, Light Sky‘s SUPER SCOPE PRO emerges as a true game-changer in the realm of LED moving head spots. With its remarkable 4-in-1 functionality, precision optics, and versatile features, this advanced lighting fixture takes center stage, illuminating high-end venues such as theaters, TV stations, concerts, and gymnasiums.

Unleashing Brilliance: Exploring Light Sky's SUPER SCOPE PRO LED Moving Head Spot

Versatility and Efficiency

The SUPER SCOPE PRO is a true embodiment of energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Powered by a long-lifetime 450W white LED module, it not only delivers exceptional performance but also ensures sustainability with a lifespan exceeding 20,000 hours. By adopting this innovative LED module, Light Sky reinforces its commitment to eco-conscious lighting solutions.

Unleashing Creativity

Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE PRO offers a plethora of creative options, making it a dynamic tool for lighting professionals. With its 4-in-1 functionality, it seamlessly transitions between beam, spot, wash, and profile lighting, providing endless possibilities for artistic expression. The zoom angle, ranging from 4° to 53°, allows for precise control over the spread of light, accommodating various venue sizes and requirements.

Captivating Visual Effects

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of effects, the SUPER SCOPE PRO captivates audiences with its exceptional capabilities. The rotation gobo wheel boasts seven interchangeable gobos, enabling the projection of captivating patterns. The framing system, with its four blades, offers precise control over the shape and direction of the light beam, elevating the visual impact of performances and events. The motorized iris, strobe effects, motorized focus, and linear dimmer contribute to a truly immersive lighting experience.

Seamless Control

Light Sky understands the importance of seamless control in professional lighting applications. The SUPER SCOPE PRO offers multiple control options, including DMX 512, RDM, and ARTNET protocols. With 33 or 36 channels, lighting professionals have the flexibility to achieve intricate and nuanced lighting designs. The LCD liquid crystal screen provides intuitive navigation, ensuring effortless control over the fixture’s settings. Additionally, the software can be easily upgraded via USB or DMX interface, keeping the SUPER SCOPE PRO future-proof.


Light Sky’s SUPER SCOPE PRO LED Moving Head Spot stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence in lighting technology. Its versatility, energy efficiency, and captivating visual effects make it an indispensable tool for lighting professionals seeking to elevate their creative endeavors.

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