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Winline Technology Presents Electree Cactus 30-40kW Fast Charging Station: Redefining Destination Charging


Winline Technology proudly introduces the Electree Cactus 30-40kW Fast Charging Station, setting a new standard for destination charging experiences. Tailored for those seeking efficient and rapid charging solutions, this station offers unparalleled speed and convenience, ensuring users can power up their electric vehicles swiftly and reliably.

Winline Technology Presents Electree Cactus 30-40kW Fast Charging Station: Redefining Destination Charging

Tailored for Destination Charging

The Electree Cactus is designed with the needs of destination charging in mind. Perfect for locations where users prioritize faster charging speeds over the rush of time, this station provides an ideal solution for leisurely charging experiences without compromising on efficiency.

Compliance with European Standards

As part of Winline Technology’s commitment to quality and reliability, the Electree Cactus adheres fully to European standards for fast charging station. This compliance ensures seamless integration and compatibility across European charging networks, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable charging experience for users.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount with the Electree Cactus. Equipped with advanced protection designs and active monitoring functions, this station prioritizes the safety of both users and vehicles throughout the charging process. By continuously monitoring communication data, the station can detect and alert users to any abnormalities, ensuring a secure charging environment.


In conclusion, the Winline Technology Electree Cactus 30-40kW Fast Charging Station redefines destination charging with its unparalleled speed, efficiency, and safety features. As a leading provider of fast charging solutions, Winline Technology continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle users. Whether at hotels, restaurants, or leisure destinations, the Electree Cactus offers an ideal charging solution for those prioritizing fast and reliable charging experiences.

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